Chansons en forme d’air

Renaissance ”love and unlove” songs for voices and lute, by La Main Harmonique


During Renaissance times, a polyphonic song initially composed for several singers would frequently be arranged for the lute, whereby one instrument would render the complete harmonies sung by different voices. This would allow, for instance, one single lute player to accompany himself by singing one line and playing the other ones on his instrument. Or an expert player would rewrite his own version of a song, including a great number of diminutions. Though widely attested and quite common, such practices have not often been written down for later generations. Come with us on a voyage through forgotten jewels of Renaissance polyphony and rediscover fascinating lute arrangements, with or without sung parts, to get an impression how the very first “courtly airs” may have sounded…

Pieces by Clemens non Papa, Sandrin, Tessier, Jannequin, Le Heurteur, Ballard, Besard, Cadéac…

Approx. duration: 1h10
5 performers (3 singers & 2 instrumentalists – lutes)

  •  2014
    19th April 2014, Tourtouse (09)
  • 2013
  • 19th July 2013, festival Les Méridiennes (Tours)
  • 2012
  • 15th December 2012, Musée campanaire, L’Isle Jourdain (32)
  • 15th May 2012, église du Pradau, Condom (32)

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