LAMENTATIONS by Francisco de Peñalosa (1470-1528)


Francisco de Peñalosa was born around 1470, sung at the royal court of Ferdinand of Aragon between 1498 and 1516, and officiated as a choirmaster at the Cathedral of Sevilla (1505-1511), of Burogs, and finally at the Papal Chapel in Rome (1518-1521).

Although he was one of the most prestigious predecessors of Cristóbal de Morales, his music was never widespread because he lived most of his time in Spain, far away from the first centers of musical printing (cities like Venice or Antwerp), so that he couldn’t take advantage of Gutenberg’s invention.

He composed three magnificent and poignant LAMENTATIONS for the Holy Week, three real treasures which only written source lies at the Cathedral of Tarazona (Manuscritos musicales 2 et 3), and which could well be the most ancient works of this type borne by the Iberian peninsula. They are well worth rediscovering, along with other more famous pieces of this style.

Approx. duration: 1h15
6 performers (6 singers)

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